Guide for working with THRONE system and related processes

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Welcome to the handbook on working with THRONE system! On this site you will find instructions on the development of THRONE interfaces and 3D-models for them. The Handbook is divided into sections corresponding to the stages of the work and the instruments.

If at any point you get stuck or have a question, feel free to contact our Support Team via E-mail or Skype: Throne-BMS.

Key Concepts

THRONE - A visualization platform for building automation systems. THRONE platform includes user interface, T-Studio configurator and touch panels. THRONE interface is based on a 3D-model of a building.

T-Studio (configurator) - An application for THRONE interface configuration. T-Studio enables multi-user work on projects and provides selection of the interface language - Russian and English. Registration on the THRONE Partners' Site is needed for generating the firmwarwes but you can also try Demo-mode.

THRONE Server - A computer with special software (firmware) installed. Provides interaction between THRONE interface and the automation bus in a client’s facility.

Firmware - An executable file created in T-Studio by the integrator. The firmware is being downloaded from T-Studio and installed on THRONE Server and touch panels. The firmware for each project is unique.

T-Cloud - A cloud service processing the data of all projects and generating the firmwares for T-Studio users.

Touch panel - A device with a touch screen with THRONE application installed.

SketchUp - A graphic editor for creating and editing vector three-dimensional (3D) images.

Stages of the work with THRONE

An integrator’s work with the THRONE system consists of a few simple steps.

  1. Registration in the system. Hardware and software settings.
  2. Creation of a 3D-model of a clients’s building.
  3. Creation of the THRONE interface in T-Studio application.
  4. THRONE 3D Control Server configuration.
  5. THRONE Server for Windows.
  6. Setting THRONE firmware on equipment.