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Registration on THRONE Partners' site

For working with THRONE system the registration on THRONE Partners' Site is required. Each user declares his affiliation to an integrator or a distributor/dealer company, so the two phases must be completed: the registration of the company and user registration.

  • To register a company on the site you should fill in the required fields of the Registration form. After checking the data by the administrator, a special code will be sent to the contact person listed on the form. This code must be entered by all employees of the company during the registration, otherwise their affiliation with the company will not be approved. When logging on to the website and in the program in the future the code or name of the company will not be necessary.
  • When the company is already registered in the system, it is necessary to register тхэ users belonging to this company. For this, use the invitation ford and the company code.

After completing the user registration, the user can login to work with the system.


  1. To operate the system, you must complete the registration process, that is to register a company and at least one user in it.
  2. The company code is not your user's password to login to the site.
  3. The site authenticates the user, not the company. Login to access the site is the user's e-mail. Password to access the site is assigned by users themselves.

Downloading, Installation and Running the Application

  • Login to THRONE Partners site, typing in your username (e-mail) and password to the box on the right. After login you will see on the home page the link to the page of downloading and installation of T-Studio. Open it and follow the installation instructions on the page. After installation, run T-Studio by double-clicking on the app's icon on the desktop of your computer.
  • Authorize in the starting window of T-Studio. Login and password to enter T-Studio are identical to login and password to log on to the Partners' site.

To familiarize with the interface it is possible to enter in a Demonstration mode. Demo mode does not provide saving the project and downloading the firmware, but replicates the functionality of the program in all other matters.

System requirements

Operation system and additional software

The program operates on Windows XP/Vista/7.

The computer must have the .Net Framework at least v.4.0 installed.


The computer must have a permanent connection to the Internet.

Run in Mozilla Firefox

To run the application in the browser Mozilla Firefox, please install Breez ClickOnce plug-in.

Run in Google Chrome

To run the application in the browser Google Chrome, please install ClickOnce for Google Chrome.

Run in Opera

To run the application in the browser Opera, please configure Opera according to the following configuration instructions:

Configuration window
  • "Settings" -> "Preferences" menu
  • "Advanced" tab
  • "Downloads" section
  • Click "Add..." to add a new application handler
  • For the MIME type, enter (w/o quotes):
  • For the file extensions, enter (w/o quotes):
  • For the action, choose "Open with other application"
  • Under "Open with other application", enter (including quotes):
    "c:\windows\system32\presentationhost.exe" -launchapplication
  • Check the "Pass Web address directly to application" checkbox.

Antivirus interaction

Due to the fact that the T-Studio application connects to the Internet during its work with objects, some antivirus programs can respond to its launch, warning the user about the probable danger or even block the program. Therefore, we recommend disabling the antivirus program while working with T-Studio.

If the antivirus program must be working, make an adjustment, removing restrictions on functionality of other programs made by Antivirus. The following example describes the sequence of user actions in antivirus software Avast!.


To start the T-Studio on a computer running Avast! antivirus user needs to disable automatic placement of suspicious programs in 'Sandbox' (function 'AutoSandbox') in the Avast settings.

To do this, open the Avast! interface and go to the 'Expert Settings' in the 'Real-time Shields' tab.

Then turn off the checkbox 'Enable AutoSandbox' in the 'AutoSandbox' tab.

Then run the T-Studio application. Depending on the user settings, the program can issue a warning dialog.

In the drop-down list 'ACTIONS TO TAKE', select item 'Complete the download' and click 'OK'.

Then the T-Studio application will run.

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