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Start of working with a project

StudioToolbarButtonProjects.png In the Projects panel you can create a new project or choose to rework one of the projects that were previously created by other users of your company.

The list of available projects is sorted in alphabetical order by the names of the projects. You can choose only one project to work with. Until no project is loaded or the selected project does not equal the downloaded one, all other tabs are disabled.

To download a project to work with it, double-click on its name in the list or click the button 'Load project from the server' StudioButtonLoadProject.png.

To create a new project, click 'Add' button StudioButtonAdd.png. Enter the required data to the Project Properties and click the 'Save' button StudioButtonSave.png or press Enter to complete the creation of a new project. After that the project will appear in the list of projects and will be loaded to the application.

Editing a project

Now you can make changes on any tab, and then save them by clicking 'Save' button or pressing Enter. Changes in the properties of the project will take effect only after they are saved.

Copying a project

If you need to make a copy of a project, you must first download needed project, switch to edit the properties (for example, changing the name of the project). After that, click the 'Copy Project' button StudioButtonCopyProject.png (the button is active only when editing the project properties). The copied project with a new name will be automatically loaded to the application. In fact, this operation is analogous to the command 'Save as' in many other programs.

Updating the list of projects

If you need to update the list of projects from the server, press the "Update list of projects" StudioButtonRefresh.png. This could be useful, for example, in the case of temporary disconnection of the working computer with the Internet.

Project properties

Project Properties can be:

  • determined by the system,
  • user-defined.

Project properties determined by the system

  • Number. The unique identifier of a project. Determined by T-Studio automatically. Not available for editing.
  • Creation date and Time of last modification. Determined by T-Studio automatically in the format {DD.MM.YYYY HH:MM:SS} in accordance with the date and time of the user's computer.
  • Status - the current status of a project. Possible statuses:
    • active
    • blocked
    Blocked projects are available for viewing and editing, but generating of the firmware for them is unavailable. Only an administrator of T-Studio can block and unblock projects.

Project properties defined by user

  • Name. Project name is a required field. The name must be unique. When you try to assign an existing name from the list a warning message will appear.
  • Comments. Additional information on the project. Comments field is multi-lined. To go to a new line, press Shift + Enter. By pressing Enter comments will be saved.
  • Tags. The user can assign projects tags. To do this, the tab has two lists:
    • assigned
    • available

For assigning a tag to a project, you must select a tag from the list of available tags and press <-> button, it will be moved to the list of assigned tags. To remove the tag of the project mark the tag in the list of tags assigned to the project, and then click <->, it will be removed from the list of assigned tags. Also you can move tags from one list to another by double clicking the left mouse button on the selected tag.

A tag may simultaneously be only in the list of available or in the list of available tags.

  • Language. Interface language (language on the touch panel). Available languages ​​of the project:
    • Russian
    • English

By default, a project is set to Russian.

  • PIN. Digital password to enter the engineering settings of touch panels menu. It is a four-digit number. This value can not be empty. The default value is '1234'.
  • Temperature units for display on touch panels. Valid values ​​are:
    • Celsius
    • Fahrenheit

The default setting is 'Celsius'.

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