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StudioToolbarButtonEquipment.png The 'Equipment' panel is used to generate a table of the devices used in the project, and then to bind devices with each other and with the Locations.

Equipment list is represented in a form of tree-view, which shows device systems, types of it and devices itself. Whole list of available for integration with THRONE system devices will be displayed after adding new equipment.

All equipment is divided into Control systems and Enginery. The drop-down list of available devices may contain devices that are currently under development, but can work with some constraints. Such devices are marked with the prefix '(demo)'.

At least one of the touch panels are mandatory elements of the list of devices. We recommend to start filling the table of equipment with adding these elements.

Equipment list

List contains engineer devices integrated into THRONE system. Branches of tree-view list are sorted in alphabetical order by name of enginery system (climate, lighting, alerts and etc.) first and inside of the system by the type name(lighting: dimmable, dynamic, switching, RGB) second and inside of the type by the title of units of enginery third.

The number of added equipment is displayed in parentheses.

All the equipment units have common and unique properties and configurations, depending on the type.

Equipment properties

Properties that are present in all types of equipment:

  • Number. The unique identifier of the equipment. Assigned by T-Studio automatically. Not available for editing.
  • Title. The name of the single equipment . Optional value. If left empty, the identification number of the equipment unit will be displayed in the table instead of the name.
  • Type. Equipment Type. Not available for editing.

The rest of the hardware properties differ depending on the type, which is linked to the equipment. Description of creating list of the equipment used in project follows.

Adding an equipment

After creating of project equipment list contains only one element: "All equipment (0)". To add a device into project follow instructions:

  • press button "Add device" StudioButtonAdd.png or Insert key on your keyboard;
  • in list of available for integration equipment (that will be shown in separate pop-up window which can be closed by pressing button "Cancel" StudioButtonCancel.png or Esc key on your keyboard) choose the equipment type you need;
  • press button "Save" or Enter key;
  • name the device;
  • enter equipment parameters that are needed;
  • press button "Save changes" StudioButtonSave.png or Enter key;

As a result selected device will be added to the list.

Linking equipment to a location

In T-Studio only devices can be linked to locations. To bind the devices to a location, perform the following steps:

  • select the device in the list of enginery of the project in the 'Equipment' tab;
  • select the target location in the 'Locations' tab;
  • in the 'Equipment' tab click the button 'Add the enginery to the chosen location' StudioButtonAddToLocation.png. If the button is not active, the enginery is already binded with the chosen location.

After binding the added device will appear in the list 'Enginery in this location' in the 'Locations' tab. Using the same list, you can also remove the enginery from the location.

Fast bar

The 'Fast bar' is a special panel with a set of icons in the bottom of the THRONE interface. The 'Fast bar' is assembled for each project individually. The 'Fast bar' may differ from one location to another inside one project. The 'Fast bar' is being filled with buttons from left to right. When a button is added to the 'Fast bar' of a Location, it becomes also available in all sub-locations. But changes in the status bar of a sub-location do not affect the 'Fast bar' of the of the location of higher level. The 'Fast bar' can include both displaying icons (sensors triggering, meters data, etc.), and control buttons (lighting on / off, arming an alarm system, etc.).

Only enginery can be placed to the Fast bar.

Addind enginery to the 'Fast bar'

To add enginery to the 'Fast bar', perform the following steps:

  • select an enginery in the list of enginery of the project in 'Equipment' panel;
  • select the target location in 'Locations' panel;
  • in the 'Equipment' panel click 'Add the enginery to the Fast bar of the chosen location' StudioButtonAddToFastbar.png. If the button is not active, the enginery is already added to the 'Fast bar' of the chosen location.

After that the added device will appear in the list 'Fast bar engineries' in the 'Locations' tab. Using the same list, you can also remove the enginery from the 'Fast bar' of the location.

Editing parameters of Enginery

To edit the enginery settings, select the needed parameter, change it and click the "Save Changes" button or press Enter.

If any field with a parameter of equipment is highlighted in red, then the value is invalid and should be corrected. Prompt on fixing the problem appears when you hover the cursor over the highlighted field.

Pressing "Cancel changes" or the Esc key will cancel the changes.

Deletion of equipment from the project

To delete the equipment, select it in the list of equipment added to the project, click the 'Delete device' StudioButtonDelete.png, and then confirm the deletion in the dialog box. Cancelling of the deletion of equipment is impossible. After deletion of equipment from the project it is also automatically deleted from all 'Locations' and 'Fast bars'.

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