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The 'Arrangements' panel is designed for creating different ways of models locations in the THRONE interface.

Common description

The 'Arrangements' panel has three fields on the top:

  • the first field is used to select locations. For each location there can be one or many arrangements;
  • the second field is a list of arrangements in selected location;
  • the third field is used for adjusting the display of elements.

Editing arrangement

There are two modes to change arrangements.

Model position editing

Mode 'Editing of the model' is designed to position the models relatively to each other in the interface.


  • right/left mouse button moves the model in a horizontal plane;
  • mouse wheel moves the model vertically up/down.

Camera position editing

Mode 'Editing of the camera' is used to configure the model view.


  • right-clicking mouse button moves the viewpoint;
  • left-clicking button changes the direction of the view;
  • mouse wheel zooms the scene in/out;

The same actions with pressed button:

  • Shift – accelerates the movement;
  • Alt - slows the movement.

The arrangement can be copied from one location to another. To do this, select a location from the list of locations and click 'Copy'. Then select the location where the arrangement should be copied and click 'Paste'.

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