THRONE Server for Windows

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To test the THRONE interface without using THRONE 3D Control Server you may use THRONE Server for Windows that can be launched in any version Windows(XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10). Using THRONE server for windows you can check THRONE interface and see how it will work.

THRONE server for Windows is ONLY for testing your commercial firmwares.
Downloading firmware from server

Here is the steps how to setup and run THRONE server for Windows:

  • Download the THRONE server for Windows application from here
  • Unpack THRONE Server for Windows folder anywhere on your computer.
  • Create commercial firmware in T-Studio. Download it to your PC.
  • Put that firmware file from T-Studio to the folder of THRONE server for Windows.
  • Run .bat file that is situated in the folder.
  • Download firmware from server to your touch panel in THRONE app.
  • If it is downloading too long:
    • close the application from tray, while it shows downloading
    • reopen the application
    • it's done downloading. No need to download it again.
  • If the frames of device zones aren't showing please follow the next steps:
    • leave THRONE app open on your touch panel
    • type "q" and then press enter in .bat windows server window which is running on your pc. That will close the program
    • run .bat file again
  • If you want to start THRONE Server for Windows with logs:
    • run cmd by pressing win+R and typing "cmd" into the text box.
    • go to the folder directory by typing in "cd Folder Address"
    • start throne-server.exe by typing in line: "throne-server.exe --log 1 --Project Name.ctp"

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